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How long will it take to groom my dog?

The grooming process will vary depending on the size and breed of your dog, coat type and condition and the service you require. Appointments can take between 1.5 hours for a small breed and around 5 hours for a giant breed of dog for a full groom.

How long before my puppy  can have theor 1st clip?

We can see a puppy anytime after their first vaccinations are completed (normally around 6 months). The evolution from a puppy to an adult coat is wholly dependant on breed and a grooming regime will be suggested to suit.

My dog is aggressive; can he/she still be groomed?

Keeping an animal calm is part and parcel of a grooming experience, knowing how to handle and talk to your pet will solve 99% of problems. Muzzles will be used only as a last resort and normally if required, will only be applied for a very short part of the process. It is rare to find an "un-groomable dog" but if we come across any serious problems during a visit we will of course discuss them with you so we can come to a solution together. 

How often should I have my dog groomed?

This will all depend on the breed of dog, type of coat and the length of coat you require. Generally I would recommend 6, 8 to 12 weeks is ideal for maintaining the coat. This is also ideal for short coated breeds to keep on top of shedding.

Can I prepare my dog for their 1st clip?

Whether for a puppy or an adult dog, the best way to introduce your pet to grooming is with an orientation visit. The dog will be introduced in a relaxed and fun way to the sights, sounds and smells of the grooming salon ensuring that when they come in for their first trim that we can minimise stress to the animal. These visits are around 20 minutes and are completely free of charge.

Fleas & Ticks

Should it be discovered that your dog has fleas when coming to the salon we will give your dog a flea bath that will kill and remove all the fleas from your pet, this will carry an additional charge of £10.00. If you do suspect your dog has fleas please feel free to contact us beforehand and we will be happy to provide advice on removing the parasites from your dog. Should we discover any ticks on your pet, I will be more than happy to remove this for you for free if you so wish.

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